Management idea
Business philosophy:
Welcome to Guangzhou CN EAGLE Lighting Co., Ltd. This passionate and loving young team. The CN EAGLE is as vibrant and arrogant as you are at this time. In order to lofty ideals and social responsibility, the CN EAGLE has made long-term development planning and strategic objectives. Please carefully listen to the following CN EAGLE in the sincere confession:
1. Attitude:
Attitude determines habits, habits determinesuccess or failure.
Responsible, grateful, to pay such positive attitude is our respected.
2. Objectives:
The goal is the source of power, people have no goal without direction.
You promised, please be sure to go all out.
3. Efficiency:
The speed of action determines the speed of success.
To make full use of each other's resources, how to managethe time , so as to improve work efficiency.
4. Communication:
Communication, use sincere attitude, put yourself in others position, and discuss patiently.
5. Team-spirit:
There is no perfect individual in the business, only the perfect team.
6. Learning:
Keep learning to make us keep up with the needs of the market, and make better innovation.
Welcome to join us, and give us your previous suggestion about our company, and enjoy our products and service.